Office 365 – Get translated messages in Message Center

This update will probably be more interesting for non-English customer.

An update is currently being deployed to get messages from Message Center translated in a different language than the English one, as messages in Message Center are written only in English.

To check/change your language settings, open the Gear menu from the Office 365 administration portal and update your language/time zone settings to match your language


As soon as you have changed your language, the administration portal is refreshing to display the UI in your language, then you can access the Message Center where you will see an option to translate messages in Message Center in different language – you can choose a different language than the one you configured for you – the default selected language for translation will be the one you defined previously

For the purpose of this post I have updated my language from English to French


If you click directly to the Traduire en francais (or what ever will be displayed), all message are automatically translated to the corresponding language


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