SCCM – Nested Task Sequence is now available

It has been a long awaited feature but now this is it; with the latest SCCM Current Branch (1710) update, you can now run nested task sequences.

To do so, you obviously need at least 2 tasks sequence.

You need to keep in mind the following when using nested task sequence (also known as child task sequence):

  • Both parent and child task sequences are combined into a single policy; this means status message are sent as if there was only one task sequence
  • Variables are shared between parent and child task sequences; meaning a variable set by the parent task sequence and then later changed by the child task sequence remains changed

To create a nested/child task sequence, just edit the parent and add the child task sequence(s)

The option is available through the Add\General\Run Task Sequence menu then use the Browse button to select the task to call

image image

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