SharePoint Online – OneDrive Announcements from Ignite

The following has been announced at the Ignite Conference for OneDrive:

  • Coming on October 17th, Files On Demand. This feature was already announced as part of some Windows 10 Preview build. We now have an official date of delivery Smile
  • Silent Synch Auto Account Configuration, using Azure ADAL (Azure Active Directory Authentication Library), will support automatic and silent OneDrive provisioning, ensuring new users are automatically set for OneDrive (in some way similar to the Exchange autodiscover feature we have with Outlook)
  • Synchronization support of libraries with IRM, available as of today. Synchronizing DRM/IRM protected libraries with OneDrive is now supported
  • External sharing simplification, The requirements of having a Microsoft account (or corporate/Office 365 account) will no longer be needed. Azure will automatically provision a one time passcode to grant external user access to the shared content
  • Updates in the web browser interface and mobile client, providing seamless experience across devices
  • Self Service File Restore functionality to recover of disastrous events like mass deletion or corruption
  • Self Service Migration Toolkit to help customer moving from on-premises file shares and home drive (or other cloud services) to migrate to OneDrive

This is an interesting time on the OneDrive for Business space.

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