Office 365 – Workplace Analytics, get more insights on how your collaborate

Microsoft Workplace Analytics has been delivered in GA (general availability) on July 6th.

Workplace Analytics is available with Office 365 E5 subscriptions and as an add-on for some other subscriptions.

Workplace Analytics use the power of Delve (and other services) to gather data and metadata on how your organization collaborates to highlight potential collaboration improvements.

You can think ‘Big Brother is watching you’ but privacy an important part of Workplace Analytics.

In this post I’m going through some of the functionalities of Workplace Analytics.

Enable Workplace Analytics

As I’m using a E3 subscriptions, I’m going to use a trial.

  • Logon as a global administrator to your Office 365 administration portal and go to the Billing\Purchase services


  • Scroll down the offers to search for “Microsoft MyAnalytics”; you will have 30 days to test it – I think it is a little bit too short as we are already loosing some time to gather the data (see later)


  • Once activated, you need to assign to your users the license 


The corresponding SKU reference (for use with PowerShell) is EXCHANGE_ANALYTICS

  • That’s it, you are ready to use… humm, wait

Data gathering

Yes, as I started to prepare you, you are going to wait a week while WA is gathering/analyzing the data; and my tenant is ‘small’ – I mean 2-3 active users, few test ones… so the analysis should be quicker than for a large organization but no


The Results

After waiting for a week to get data analyzed, here are the results:

  • once Workplace Analytics has been enabled and is ready to use the end-users will receive an automatic email like below


  • a first overall report telling how long you were on meetings, writing/reading email… this can be helpful to identify where you are loosing some time


  • If you click on the section, you will be redirected to the details (in fact located at the bottom of the page)


  • You can also get with who you are getting the most interaction, either by email or meeting; if you hit the + ‘(plus) sign shown you can add this person in your report and get more insights



In addition of the Analytics web page, you are also getting an Outlook add-on Delve Analytics automatically.

The add-on opens a new blade in your Outlook and let you to keep up with what you have to do


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