SharePoint Online – Speed up the authentication process

When a user is accessing a SharePoint Online, he is first redirected to Azure AD for authentication.

If the company is using ADFS to manage authentication, Azure AD then redirected to the ADFS server for authentication.

This can lead to slow authentication process for end-user (external users when sharing content with them).

With SharePoint Online you can speed up the process by activating the use Azure Active Directory home realm discovery page.

Enable the acceleration

To enable this acceleration feature, you need to connect with PowerShell to your tenant

  • Start a SharePoint Online PowerShell command prompt and connect to your tenant (Connect-SPOService -Url https://<your Office 365 Tenant> –Credential (Get-Credential))


  • Then you need to define the domain for which you want to enable the acceleration using the command Set-SPOTenant –SignInAccelerationDomain <domain>; if you need to add multiple domains use the following format {domain1;domain2;domain3}


  • Finally you can enable the acceleration feature with this command Set-SPOTenant -EnableGuestSignInAcceleration $trueNOTE you must have first defined at least one domain previously



Disable the acceleration

To disable the acceleration, just set the EnableGuestSignInAcceleration to $false and the SignInAccelerationDomain to “”

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