Office 365 – You can now recover deleted Office 365 Groups

If you have an Office 365 Groups being deleted – either by admin actions or group owner – you can recover the deleted group for a 30 days period.

To recover a deleted Office 365 Groups, you need to use Azure Active Directory PowerShell v2 Preview (available here

Install AAD PowerShell v2 Preview

Open a PowerShell command prompt and run the command and once the new module is installed close the PS command prompt to restart it – if you do not restart the PS command prompt, the required commands to get the delete Office 365 Groups will not be available

Install-Module -Name AzureAD


NOTE 1 You may got a request to update a component called NuGet; accept the request otherwise AAD PowerShell will not be updated


NOTE 2 you may got a second request because the updated modules going to be installed are not coming from a trusted location


Connect to Azure AD

To take advantage of the updated module with new commands, you need to connect to your tenant using the command



Get deleted Office 365 Groups

To search for deleted Office 365 Groups use the command



Recover deleted Office 365 Groups

To recover the deleted group,run the command

Restore-AzureADMSDeletedDirectoryObject –Id <ID returned by the previous command>


You can then check using the PS command Get-AzureADGroup –ObjectId <ID returned by the previous command> or using Office 365 Admin portal to see your recovered Office 365 Group

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