Yammer – Improvements in file sharing, now integrated with OneDrive for Business and new document creation options

You can now browse your OneDrive for Business to share documents on Yammer as well as create new Office documents directly from Yammer.


Integration with OneDrive for Business

When you want to share a document on Yammer, you used to have 2 options: either upload from your computer or browse an existing file on Yammer.

Now, you can browse your OneDrive for Business to locate document you want to share; in the same way you were already sharing your OneDrive for Business documents, permissions will be automatically set on

To share a OneDrive for Business document on Yammer, just select the Select a file on OneDrive option


It will then let you browse your OneDrive for Business space


Also, as you can see in the screenshot, you can browse your Office 365 Groups too

However, this integration is only working if you want to share a document when posting; it is not working if you go to the Files section on Yammer where you can only upload from your computer



New Document Creation

In addition of this integration, you will be able to create new Office document directly from Yammer

Just browse the Files section of your group and hit the New button


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