Office 365 – Secure Score is now in preview

Security is a key point when moving / using a cloud service.

Microsoft has made (and still making) lot of investment to ensure data and account security and help customers to get the most of it.

A new step has just been done with the release in preview of Secure Score; a toolset integrated with Office 365 which is giving you an overview of your security level (like the credit score your bank is using to grant you loan)

To start using it and improve your security when/where needed and possible, go to

You will be prompted to allow the website to access some your data

Then you will get a first dashboard showing your current security score and additional actions to take to improve it


You also get a comparison of your current security score/level with the average in Office 365. In my case, I ‘m not so bad Smile


Then if you click on one of the recommended action, you will get an explanation with the risk(s) associated with the current setting


The Learn more button will provide you more details about the action to perform as well as a Launch now button which will redirect you were to either buy (if the option/feature is not available with your current subscription) or to configure the recommended setting


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