Azure – Azure Information Protection Public Preview

UPDATE:  In general availability in Sept. 15 th

Microsoft is providing a new security features set using Azure RMS called Azure Information Protection.

The idea is to help securing and classifying your data; making things easier for end-user.

Don’t forget one the advantages of Azure RMS is you can share RMS protected documents/emails with the external world Smile

Quote from the blog:

Azure Information Protection brings together Azure Rights Management (RMS) and classification and labeling technologies from Secure Islands, and this preview provides the ability to:

  • Classify, label and protect data at the time of creation or modification. Define policies to classify and label data in an easy-to-use and intuitive way. These policies can be used to apply labels and protection either automatically based on content, or manually by the user. You can also define a default policy, and make recommendations to users.
  • Apply persistent protection that travels with your data. Once classified, protection can be applied to data needing protection. The classification labels and protection travels with the document or email regardless of where it is stored and with whom it is shared.
  • Enable safe sharing. Share data safely with users within your organization as well as with external people. Document owners can define who can access data and what they can do with it; for example, recipients can view and edit files, but they cannot print or forward.
  • Make the right decisions and stay productive. Data classification and protection controls are integrated into Office and provide simple, one-click options to secure data that users are working on.
  • Manage and deploy policies and rules. Using the Management Portal, you can create, manage and modify all aspects of policies, rules and label configurations. This includes the names of the labels, the color palette, defaults, recommendations, automated detection rules, and visual marking of documents with headers, footers and watermarking.


So, that sounds fine but how can I get that?

There is 2 pieces:


Download and the Install the client

The download link is

You can install it on Windows 7 SP1 and later with Office 2010 and later

You need to have at least an active Office 365 E3 license with Azure RMS enabled., or an Azure AD with RMS enabled

During the client setup, you can install a demo policy


The setup is a classic “click and forget” install process


To check the installation, just launch any Office applications and click on the Protect button to get the Help page


NOTE if you check the installation after the Azure Protection Information activation, you will get full details about the add-ins (user logged, installation date, version)


Azure Information Protection client is also compatible with Outlook for your emails


Configure your Azure Protection Information portal

If the link provided does not work, just search in the marketplace for Azure Information Protection and click Create


I recommend to pin to your dashboard when you create the service


From there you can then define your rules to classify your documents/emails as well as the policies (like all documents must be classified or the conditions)


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