System Center Configuration Manager – Integrate your Windows Store for Business

The latest update for System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 (build 5.00.8412.1000 – released on August 2nd, 2016) has added the ability to integrate your Corporate Windows Store into SCCM.

The ability to deploy Universal Apps using SCCM has been introduced some time ago but you were obliged to use the Offline Licensing and create an application in SCCM prior to the deployment.

Your client device must run Windows 10 build 1511 or later (build released in November 2015)

First thing, off course you need to update your SCCM infrastructure with the reference update.

If this already done, open your SCCM administration console and go to Administration\Cloud Services\Updates and Servicing\Features to turn on (the default is Off) the Windows Store for Business Integration feature and confirm the activation


Starting from then you will be able to directly add applications from your Windows Store for Business.

Register your SCCM infrastructure

To be able to continue the configuration process, you need to register your SCCM infrastructure on Azure Active Directory

Connect to your Azure portal ( and access the Applications section your Azure AD tenant to Add a new application


Choose to add an Application my organization is developing


Name the application (like SCCM for example) and select the Web Application type


Define the sign in and app ID url’s – the values you defined do not really matter as these will no be really used; this needed to complete the process and then be able to get a key


Finally, configure the added application to generate a key using the keys section on then select the duration of the key


Once the key has been generated, stay on this page until you complete the next steps. If you do, you will not be able to get the key after.

Define SCCM as management tool

You then need to connect to your Windows Store for Business ( to define the management tool used to deploy the applications, search using the name of the application you added during the previous step and make it active


While you are on your Windows Store for Business, you also need to enable the Show offline licensed apps option available through the Manage\Account Information section


Adding Windows Store for Business account

Once the feature has been successfully added, close the console and re open it to go back to Administration\Cloud Services section, you should see the Windows Store for Business section

You can only add one Windows Store for Business account


Right click on it and choose to add Windows Store for Business Account; this where we will need the key created during the previous step


Just follow the wizard to define the credentials to connect to the store

You will need to define your Azure AD tenant (the one on which you have added your SCCM), the client ID and the key

image imageimage

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