Office 365 / Exchange – Convert your distribution lists to Office 365 Groups

A new feature is being rolled out to allow you to convert your distribution lists to Office 365 Groups.


What can be converted to Office 365 Groups

The following table defines what can be converted (as of today – August 5th, 2016)

Distribution Group Types Eligibility
Mail enabled security group. Not eligible

On-premise managed distribution group. (synched)

Not eligible

Nested distribution groups. Distribution group either has child groups or is a member of another group.

Not eligible

Moderated distribution group

Not eligible

Distribution groups with send on behalf settings

Not eligible

Distribution groups hidden from address lists

Not eligible

Distribution groups with member RecipientTypeDetails other than UserMailbox, SharedMailbox, TeamMailbox, MailUser

Not eligible

Distribution groups with member join or depart restriction as Closed

Eligible. Converted to a private Office 365 Group.

Distribution groups with custom delivery status notifications. ReportToManager = true, ReportToOriginator = false ReportToManager = false, ReportToOriginator = false

Eligible. Office 365 Groups don’t understand these properties, and delivery status notifications are always sent to the person that sent the email.

Convert a distribution group

Logon to your Exchange Online ECP ( and reach the Recipients\Groups section

Select the distribution group you want to convert to Office 365 – please refer to the table – and click the Upgrade to Office 365 Groups button

Don’t worry, if the distribution list is NOT eligible, this button will not be available


Confirm you want to convert to Office 365 Groups – thankfully if anything goes wrong, the DL will not be changed



Then the conversion may take some time


Please note it may take some time also to refresh the Office 365 Admin portal; this means you may see twice your DL/Office 365 groups – one distribution list and one Office 365 Groups; if you try to select the former distribution group you will got an error


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