Microsoft Azure – Enterprise State Roaming in public preview

As you may already know, since Windows 8.x, user settings can synch to OneDrive (consumer) allowing end-users to sync their settings and universal apps data across different devices when they logon with their Microsoft account.

Now, this settings is also available in public preview for enterprise users using Windows 10 (at least build 10586) and Azure Active Directory Premium.

The devices must be either AD domain joined with automatic registration to Azure AD or Azure AD AD joined.

To take advantage of this feature, you must first enable it on you Azure AD (from the ‘old’ portal – through the Configure tab


Then scroll down to the Devices section and configure the Users may sync settings and enterprise app data section


Then you must sign in with your corporate account on your Windows 10 device and manage the sync settings using the Settings\Accounts\Sync your settings to select which settings you want to sync; if you see your Microsoft account, then you are still synching with your OneDrive consumer, not with your Azure AD


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