Windows 10 – Black Screen on startup Part 2

Some days ago, I made a post about getting black screen on startup with Windows 10 and I was saying I may have found this was due to the Graphics Tools feature (see

Today, I made new discovery.

In fact, it seems it has nothing to do with the Windows features but with the Azure AD Domain Joined and Bitlocker.

Indeed, after posting my first post I have been able to work again on Windows 10 BUT I did not joined yet my Azure AD.

Once I did it, logon once with my AD account and then restart, the black screen was back.

After doing lot of re install, I have been able to confirm this. As soon as you join an Azure AD domain and you have a requirement to enable Bitlocker, you will get the black screen once you restart your client after your first login with an AD account.

Since I have noticed this, I have been able to continue working on Windows without any issue until I join the Azure AD domain which then enable Bitlocker.

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