Office 365 – Upgrade from DirSync to Azure AD Connect

Following the announcement of the new AAD Connect (Azure Active Directory Connect), I decided to upgrade my DirSync instance (version 1.0.7020).

So the first thing is off course to get the AAD Connect tool either from

Then let start the upgrade….

Some details about my current DirSync configuration:

  • Use OU’s filtering to define where the objects to synchronize are located
  • Device objects are also synchronized
  • Password synch and write back and Hybrid configuration options have been enabled

 Also I’m using ADFS to authenticate against Office 365 and Microsoft Azure services.

As usual, always run as administrator – best it to use a command prompt with the run as administrator option

The setup immediately starts installing all required binaries before starting the configuration wizard



After the classic acknowledgment of the license, you can start configuring

The wizard has detected my DirSync instance and is checking to propose me the best upgrade option


And… it failed. The wizard told me that DirSync is configured with some options which can not be upgraded to Azure AD Connect.


So I checked the Learn more link to try to know which options are involved here but it clearly does not help

Then I checked the TEMP directory on my user profile to check if there is any log file and if so trying to get more details but there is log, no need to check the Windows Event log, there is nothing here too.

So the upgrade process ended by uninstalling DirSync and start a fresh install….

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