Skype for Business – Disable the Call Quality pop up

As you know, Skype for Business is now the name of Lync. It is available both On Premises and Online.

As part of the re branding, there has been few improvement and one of these is on the client side.

After a call or meeting with voice, end-user got a pop up to rate the call quality – results are available through the Call Quality dashboard.

That said this may be disturbing and you may want to disable this pop up. Good news, there is a client policy (available on both Online and On Premises) to enable (default) or disable this.

Just use RateMyCallAllowCustomUserFeedback and RateMyCallDisplayPourcentage with the Set-CSClientPolicy cmdlet

Set-CSClientPolicy -Identity <PolicyIdentity> – RateMyCallAllowCustomUserFeedback $false


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