Office 365 – Mobile application to reach out the Office 365 community

As you may already know, the Office 365 Community is the place where you can seek for help when using Office 365 solution –

While this has been there since the early beginning of Office 365 offers, the only way to reach the community was using a web browser. With the increase of mobility, and especially smartphone, this can be quite a challenge when using mobile web browser to use the community – either ask for help or looking information.

imageNow, Microsoft is delivering a mobile application for Windows Phone (we may expect an iOS and Android version too) called Office 365 Support Central which can be used by all of your users

To install and start using it go to

With this app, you have access to the community, service dashboard and message center.

This is following the updated version of the Office 365 Admin app (to use this one you must have administrator permissions)

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