Windows 10 – Do not install the latest Surface firmware if you have Bitlocker enabled and running Windows 10 10041

UPDATE 30/03/2015 – After disabling BitLocker to solve the issue, you can re enable it

Today, I have installed the latest updates available through Windows Update on my Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10041: KB 3050653 and System Firmware Update.

My Surface has Bitlocker enabled.

Unfortunately, after the usual system restart and after the Surface Firmware has been updated, I ran into the issue than Windows does not start anymore.

After entering the Bitlocker PIN, the system immediately ran into the “Preparing Bitlocker Recovery” mode and failed to load Windows with the error 8007139f.

I have been able to correctly start Windows if I choose to run the Recovery mode when Bitlocker asks for the PIN and then enter the long recovery code. Then I uninstalled the potential KB involved, restart but still had the issue.

So, this means this is the firmware which is in cause and the only solution if it has been installed is to disable Bitlocker if you are running Windows 10 Build 10041.

I don’t know if this happen also for user running Windows 8.1 on their Surface Pro 3 with Bitlocker as I have only 1 Surface Smile

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