Office 365 / Azure AD – Force a synchronization with Azure Active Directory Connect

As you may already know, Microsoft has released some time ago a new tool – AAD Connect for Azure Active Directory Connect – to manage on premises Active Directory with Office 365 and Azure Active Directory tenants.

This tool is intended to replace the existing Directory Synchronization (DirSync) tool for Office 365 in a few weeks (see the end of this post

Apart of this replacement, it provides ability to synchronize multiple AD Forest, and additional automatic configuration (see for more details about the tool

But this is not the objective of this post. With DirSync it was simple to force the synchronization between the local AD and Azure AD using a PowerShell command (Start-OnlineCoexistenceSync with the –FullSync if you wanted to run a full synchro).

But with AAD Connect, this PowerShell command does not exist anymore.

Ok, so how can you manually start a synchronization with AADConnect?

Simple, open a command prompt with the run as adminitrator.

Then reach the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Azure AD Sync\Bin directory and run the DirectorySyncClientCmd.exe file. And if you want to run a full synchronization, just add the initial parameter (which looks like DirectorySyncClientCmd.exe initial)

And there is no need to open the MIIS console to see the progress as the progress will be shown in the command prompt Smile


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