Office 365 / SharePoint Online – OneDrive for Business Calculator

I know OneDrive for Business is not completely working (many synchronization issues have been reported, lacked of troubleshooting way…) but when it work, it is really helpful (especially because of the storage space increased up to 1 To recently Smile). I’m myself not a big fan of O4B.

So that said – and because Microsoft is working hard to improve that, there is a useful Excel file which can help in the OneDrive for Business deployment called OneDrive for Business Client Network Bandwidth Calculator – available for download from (currently in beta)

This spreadsheet will help you to determine the bandwidth consumption for your company when deploying OneDrive for Business.

You can define the number of site, number of user per site, average file size, client type (mobile, PC…) and it will generates a report with graphic to help you understand your needs to provide good user experience (if possible with the current version Smile)


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