Windows 10 – Multiple desktops / Task Views

With Windows 10 Technical Preview, Microsoft has introduce a new feature called Task View which is in fact a way to use multiple different desktop running different applications – both Windows App or Desktop App.


This feature has been there for a long time on Linux or OSx, and has been there too long time ago on Windows XP with a PowerToy Smile

To use it, just hit the Task View icon in the taskbar image, this will get you to the task view interface which displays the main desktop view (the one started when you logon) then you just have to hit the + Add a desktop (or the + sign if you already have another virtual desktop) to create a new virtual desktop/task view and start your application; repeat as many time you need


If you close the virtual desktop/task view, this does not close the applications currently running in this view. These applications go back to the main desktop

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