Office 365 – Delve is now available in preview

As you may already know – if not this will be the case, Microsoft has introduced a new setting to allow you to get future release of Office 365 features before these are widely deployed and available. This settings is called Updates\First Release and it can be activated from the Office 365 Admin portal (it may take up to 24 hours to get this fully activated).


Why am I talking about this? It is just because the first feature part of this pre-activation is now available for those who have already enabled this settings. This new feature is called Delve – previously also called Oslo

Delve is a feature to help providing relevant information to end-users – in some way this is an improvement to the search service (but not the search service). More about Delve here and here

Delve is included in all Office 365 Enterprise plans (E1 to E4) and will be fully deployed starting January 2015, when it will also be available for Business Essentials and Business Premium plans.

If you have an Enterprise plan and want to try Delve, just start by enabling the First Preview settings.

Then Delve will be available from any SharePoint sites thanks to the shortcut displayed in the top nav bar



You may have to enable Office Graph for the SharePoint Online admin portal (Settings\Office Graph) – for my tenant I did not had to.


Finally take in mind, it may take 24 hours to get content updated on Delve after you have uploaded new documents on SharePoint.

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