Office 365 / SharePoint Online – Behavior change for the New button in the quick action bar with content type management allowed

Recently, I discover a behavior change for the New button in the quick action bar for SharePoint Online library. Indeed, instead of having the new document option (with the list of available templates for this document library); I got the upload a file dialog box.

After investigating, I discovered this change appears when you enable the content type management feature on the document library settings; you don’t even have to change the content type available for the document library, just enable the management.

Off course, I thought (and still think Smile) this was not a normal behavior and opened a service request to the Office 365 support. And big surprise!!!, I got as answer this is the normal behavior. I asked for escalation to get the logical behavior after enabling the content type management – meaning get the New document option instead of the upload a file. Until the product group take a look and action, the only way to get it changed it to fill a request through the form (link provided at the end of this post) as this is not (yet?) considered as a bug.

Here are the what you get depending of the configuration

Content Type Management not enabled

Content Type Management enabled

image image


As reminder, the content type management feature is available through the library settings below the advanced settings options


If you are like me and think this is not a normal or logical behavior, please go to;en-us;2222&3=Lite&5=Admin&15=10037FFE80644633&altStyle=MFE&renderOption=OverrideDefault&showpage=1&fr=1&nofrbrand=1&url=homePageLayout and fill the request.

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