Yammer – Synchronize your directory with Yammer

If you have SharePoint 2013 installed as part of an Enterprise Agreement, you now have access to Yammer as part of this license. However, you might have already started using a public Yammer network before it was part of that license. If so, how do you make sure all of the users in your on-premises Active Directory are also in your Yammer network?

Good news, you can use Active Directory synchronization to match the users from your on-premises Active Directory with those in Yammer.

BE CAREFUL this is NOT the same directory synchronization tool used with Office 365.

You can install Yammer Directory Synchronization tool on the same server than the one running Office 365 Directory Synchronization; as there is no support details, I can not say if this is supported or not to run both on the same server. Only thing it is like for Office 365 Dirsync, ie do not install on domain controller or any server running business critical application

Yammer Directory Synchronization tool download: http://success.yammer.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Yammer.DirSync_v3-0-3-6.zip

Directory Synchronization Installation

Launch the setup program and follow the wizard


Then it starts the configuration wizard

Enter the email address and password associated with the account which will perform directory synchronization – this account MUST BE a verified administrator of your Yammer network. This requires you have a Yammer Enterprise subscription – as this is part of Office 365, you just have to enable it if you are eligible – see http://blog.hametbenoit.info/2013/12/02/yammer-upgrade-your-basic-yammer-to-enterprise-with-office-365-e-plan/

Once the tool has been installed, just logon using your Yammer administrative account


Then define the domain controller to use for the synchronization – once it has been done, you can add additional directory server by hitting the Add New button just below the server list


Once the directory server list has been filled as expected, just click on the Validate button on the left side and start the validation


Once the validation process is finished, it will display few information regarding number of user created/disabled since last synchronization – this is a little bit weird because this is the first install

Then just hit the Sync option from the left menu to start the synchronization; you will be asked to define a mail server to use for sending directory synchronization results as well as the recipient(s) before starting the synchronization


This is it, the synchronization tool is now synching your internal directory with Yammer

IMPORTANT you must logon first on Yammer with this account and then activate the Yammer account thanks to the activation link sent


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