Office 365 – New Lync Online sign-in troubleshooting tool

Microsoft is providing a new online troubleshooting tool for Office 365 services. This one has to be used for Lync Online sign-in issues.

This online troubleshooting tool is based on experience learned by Office 365 support team over the last 9 months.

The first step is to go to and follow the troubleshooting wizard


Select who is having sign-in issues – user specific, group or everyone within your organisation


Depending of your selection, next actions/options vary

  • for a user specific issue, you will be asked if this user is able to logon to Office 365 portal


    • Depending of your answer, the issue may be related to license assignment or Office 365 authentication issue


If actions/options proposed don’t help, additional steps will then be proposed (such as try to logon from another device, run WindowsUpdate or check system time configuration…)

  • for a group of user, you will be asked if you are using custom domain (aka associated Internet domain)
  • for everyone in your organisation, this may be because you don’t correctly defined DNS entries or issue with the sign-in service on Office 365


Enjoy with this new troubleshooting tool which may help to quickly understand what is happening and so restoring the service to your users Smile

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