Office 365 – Manage Multiple Factors Authentication

Following my previous post related to the availability of the multiple factors authentication preview for Office 365, here is an additional one to detail the management.

Once you have enabled multi factors authentication (follow this post, you can manage additional settings such as viewing usage reports, download the SDK or configure blocked/bypassed user or fraud alert.


Manage additional settings for multi factors authentication

  • Logon to the Windows Azure administration portal ( using an administrator account
  • Go to the Active Directory from the left menu or or hit directly your multi factors authentication provider from the portal home page


  • Once you have reached the multi factors authentication provider page, click on the Manage button shown at the bottom; NOTE this will open a new window/tab, so make sure you allowed domain on your pop-up blocker


  • Then you will reach the Windows Azure Authentication administration portal


  • From there you can view usage report, configure some additional settings or download the SDK in order to develop Azure Application which will be able to use the multi factors authentication

Additional Settings

  • From the left menu, click on the Settings link below the Configure section


  • From this settings page you can
    • Define time outs before users has to retry his authentication process
    • Enable/disable the fraud alert function which allows end-user to notify administrators of tentative to be authenticated on their behalf
    • Lock user account after X consecutive authentication failed




  • Click on the Notifications link from the left menu, below the Configure section


  • This page allows you to define administrators email address to receive notification, such as from end-users notifying fraudulent authentication requests



Block/Unblock Users

  • By hitting the Block/Unblock option below the User Administration section from the left menu, you can enable/disable user account for multi factors authentication


  • The One-Time Bypass allows administrators to define a temporary bypass for multi factors authentication; this is similar to the option to bypass physical token when you loose it or when the token is broken



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