Office 365 – Simpler mail protection management with Exchange Online

With the new Office 365 version running Exchange 2013, Microsoft has provided a simpler way to protect your email flow, including spam quarantine management.

With the new Office 365, all security email options are now available directly through the Exchange Control Panel.

To manage these security options, log on using an Exchange administrator account on the Exchange Control Panel.

To reach the ECP, you can connect using the Office 365 administration portal and then choose to manage Exchange thanks to the Admin menu available on the left side of your name


Then go to the Protection section from the left menu


From this section you can manage the antivirus protection, called Malware Filter, and the antispam options



Only one antimalware policy can be defined and you can not delete the default one.

By default, all malware are automatically detected and deleted without notifying anyone.

You can edit the policy to send notification to recipient and/or sender as well as administrators. For the notification, you can use the default message or customize it.


Connection Filter

The connection filtering option is allowing you to define allowed or blocked IP address for receiving emails.

By default, no settings are enabled for this filter.

As for antimalware policy, there is only one policy and you can not delete the default one.


Content Filter

The content filter is allowing you to define content which should be blocked as well as action to be taken.

As for previous settings, there is only one policy.

You can edit the default policy to define:

Actions: depending of the spam level confidence you can move to the Junk mail folders of the mailbox, add an header, prepend the subject, delete or put on quarantine the message

International Spam: you can block all incoming mail which match the country code you add on the list. 2 different options:

  • Mail written with the defined language
  • Mail sent from the defined country

Advanced: this allows defining advanced option to detect spam or block the content


Outbound Spam

This option allows to manage outgoing mail to identity potential rogues and compromised internal client.

This will allows Exchange administrator to be more proactive.


This is the new FOPE quarantine management.

Exchange administrators can manage mail set on quarantine to resend it and mark as false positive. Off course, recipient will still be notified.


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