SharePoint – Deep Dive on Information Rights Management and SharePoint

Live from SharePoint Conference 2012.


RMS is securing the data by encrypting and attaching license usage (usage rights) onto the document protected by RMS.

This prevent the accidental disclosure of sensitive data.

All of this process is done on the client side.

On SharePoint, document libraries, with RMS policy applied, are ‘replacing’ the client to protect the RMS policy/license thanks to MSDRM service.


On Office 365, RMS is using MSIPC service hosted on Azure (RMS & AD).

This is integrated with Exchange and SharePoint Online.

To make it works in the cloud, you must have the following Office 365 plan:

  • E3
  • E4
  • A3
  • A4
  • or subscription for On Premises protection (use of RMS on the Cloud to protect your On Premises platform)

Then you must have ADFS implemented if you want to implement an hybrid mode.


6 next features:

  • Document protection in the cloud
  • Granular usage rights (publishing feature)
  • Protected documents can be viewed in a web browser. And it works also with guest sharing (invite external user from your company tenant)
  • You can apply group policy to protect document
  • Support of PDF in addition to Office documents
  • Programmability

Right Management on Office 365 is available through the administration portal.

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