Windows – If a Windows 8 app failed to start, it can be repaired

Ok so, while Microsoft has released his new Windows version, you already have deployed it and start playing with, especially by installing Windows App from the Windows Store.

Everything was fine, until you start launching your app and unfortunately the app doesn’t start

You try again to start it and noticed a small black cross on the right low corner


This means the app is in an unstable state.

So, what to do in that case?

You can try uninstall and reinstall the app but before trying this, you can ask Windows Store to repair the app.

Click on the app and then click on the Go to the Store link available on the ‘popup’ which appears has the app is not useable.


The Windows Store is launching then ask you to repair the app


Let Windows Store repairing the app and then your app should be useable again.

Practically, it is just doing the same thing then uninstalling and reinstalling the app but it’s automatic instead of letting you doing the uninstall and looking again for the app to reinstall.

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