As you may already know, with the 2013 version Microsoft has changed SharePoint Workspace to SkyDrive Pro.

As there are lot of change (and not really good change in my point of view – see you may miss some features which are available with SharePoint Workspace but with SharePoint 2013 there is no direct way to synchronize your content with SharePoint Workspace (as now you have to use SkyDrive Pro).

No problem Smile

SharePoint Workspace (part of Office 2010) can be installed in parallel of SkyDrive Pro (part of Office 2013) so you can have both tools available. This is the first point.

The second point is how to synchronize my content with SharePoint Workspace??

Very simple…

  • Open the Launchbar of SharePoint Workspace (right click on the SharePoint Workspace icon in the systray)


  • Then click to the New\SharePoint Workspace button


  • Enter the URL of your SharePoint site (even SharePoint 2013)


  • If you want to define specific download rules (folders to sync, list…) don’t click to Ok but Configure

Et voilà, you have now your SharePoint content synchronized using SharePoint Workspace.