UPDATED: July, 31st – synchornization issue solved


As you may already know, Microsoft has released the beta 2 of the next version of Office client.

As part of this product, SharePoint Workspace, tool allowing to keep available offline SharePoint content, has been renamed SkyDrive Pro and is now integrated within Windows Explorer.

However, with the beta 2, there are some issues with this product, at least the following tree

  • Unable to sync SharePoint 2010 content:

UPDATE see solution http://blog.hametbenoit.info/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=405

SkyDrive is not able to keep available offline SharePoint 2010 content. It should but the current build has some issue. If you try to keep content from SharePoint 2010, SkyDrive will be happy to start a synchronization but it fill fail with NO error displayed but if you take a look at the SkyDrive icon in the systray, it will be in a warning status and the errors return are

Tool Status:

Personal Documents

Tool URL:
<document library URL>

An error occurred while attempting to synchronize this tool.

Last Successful Sync:
17/07/2012 01:57

Last Attempted Sync:
25/07/2012 02:51

Error Details:
CSI error 123



Don’t worry, this should be fixed.

  • Unable to sync List: another issue is SkyDrive is not able to synchronize other things than library (documents or pictures); this means Lists can’t be synchronized and available offline with SkyDrive.
  • Site Actions\Synchronize with SharePoint Workspace (from SharePoint 2010) or Sync (from SharePoint 2013 B2) menu has no effect: the current beta build has no effect if you use the “Site Actions\Synchronize with SharePoint Workspace” from SharePoint 2010 or “Sync” button from SharePoint 2013 B2. To keep SharePoint content available offline with SkyDrive, you must add manually each library onto SkyDrive using the Sync a new library menu and then enter the full Document Library URL