Windows 8 – Add a Restart and Shutdown to the Metro interface

As you know, with Windows 8 there is a change to shutdown or restart your device. Indeed, you have to go to various menu and sub menu before being able to shutdown or restart.

In case of you want to simplify and use the Metro interface, you can add button on the Metro to perform these actions.

To add these button, just use the following code (VBS script).

Copy and past it onto Notepad and save it as a VBS file (filename.vbs) and then execute the VBS file (I recommend to launch the script from a command prompt). A popup will indicate where the shortcuts have been saved; so you will be able to copy and past them on your desktop also.


set WShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
StartMenuPath = WShell.SpecialFolders("StartMenu")
set oLink = WShell.CreateShortcut(StartMenuPath & "\Restart.lnk")
oLink.TargetPath = "%systemroot%\System32\shutdown.exe"
oLink.Arguments = "-r -t 0"
oLink.WindowStyle = 1
oLink.WorkingDirectory = "%systemroot%\System32\"
oLink.IconLocation = "%systemroot%\System32\shell32.dll,238"
oLink.Description = "Restart"
Set oLink = Nothing
set oLink = WShell.CreateShortcut(StartMenuPath & "\Shutdown.lnk")
oLink.TargetPath = "%systemroot%\System32\shutdown.exe"
oLink.Arguments = "-s -t 0"
oLink.WorkingDirectory = "%systemroot%\System32\"
oLink.IconLocation = "%systemroot%\System32\shell32.dll,27"
oLink.Description = "Shutdown"
oLink.WindowStyle = 1
MsgBox ("Shortcuts have been created in directory …" + vbcrlf + StartMenuPath)


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