Exchange – CMDlets failed – Event ID 6 logged on MSExchange Management event logs

While I was reviewing an Exchange 2010 SP1 architecture, I discovered lot of error event related to Exchange PowerShell (event id: 6) logged on MSExchange Management section below Application and Services main sub section in Event viewer, while no others events were logged on ‘classic’ event logs (application and system) and ExBPAS was not reporting any errors/warning related with the events details logged.

As part of the event details, there was lot of PowerShell CMDlets related to Public Folder management and RBAC access checks.

After a quick look on the internet, I found something on Symantec KB web site.

After a double checking on my customer environment, I discover that the Symantec KB exactly the issue.

The issue is, indeed, related to Symantec Backup Exec and has nothing to do with Exchange. Unfortunately, Symantec is saying ‘just forget about these events’.

Honestly, I think this totally unacceptable as answer. As I already had a previous bad experience with Backup Exec (before it was bought by Symantec), I think this is not something which will make me confident with this product and will not propose it to customer in case they ask for backup solution for Exchange.

Take a look at the Symantec KB here

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