Office 365 – SharePoint service update

The second update for SharePoint Online has started.

As part of this update:

  • User provisioning

Customers can now provision more than 500 000 user objects. Initially, there was a limit to 20 000 user objects.

  • Recycle bin enhancement

Customers can now recover site collection, as well as (off course) document, library or list.

The site collection restore process will be available from the SharePoint Online Administration portal. Once the update will be deployed, you will see a Recycle Bin button.

To know more about site collection restoration, go to

  • PDF files

PDF files will now be opened directly into the PDF reader without being obliged to download it. It’s recommended to have the latest Adobe Reader installed (10.1.2)

  • External sharing

Customers can now invite anyone without being obliged to use a Live ID address (Hotmail). Business email address can now be used for inviting external users to your SharePoint Online site.

The only thing is the business email address must be associated with the Live ID. To associate email address with the Live ID, just go to and select Use existing email address


Enjoy with these updates.

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