SharePoint – A bug with Survey list if using External Data question type

While working on a project, an end user was asking me how to solve an error he had: he just created a survey with only one question but when he tried to open the survey he always had an error.

We reproduced the issue:

  • Create a new survey
  • Then define a question and choose External data as question type but don’t define External content type


  • Then, and this is now where is the bug, if you click on Next Question you will have an error message which said An unexpected error occurred. But if you click on Finish, you have a clear message which said you must fill the External Content Type field (You must specify a value before using the Check button. You can also use Select button to choose an External Content Type.)


Once you had the unexpected error message, your survey list is no more accessible and you can’t do anything. To delete the survey list in error, you must open your site with SharePoint Designer and delete the list.

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