ForeFront UAG – UAG Endpoint components may block services to start

If you are using ForeFront UAG, you already know there is some Active X and client side components used to check computer health status. These components may be deployed using SCCM or any other software deployment solution using the MSI package provided.

In my case, I didn’t manage specific computer collection for UAG Endpoint components deployment and these were deployed on all my computers (workstations and servers).

Recently, I had trouble with my UAG and TMG servers during reboot. The ForeFront services (TMG Firewall, TMG Configuration, TMG Control) were not restarted automatically after the reboot. I was anyway able to start them manually once the reboot process has been finished.

Thanks to the help of the MS Support, we found that the UAG Endpoint components was the origin of this problem.
So, if you have some issue with services which are not started automatically after a reboot and if you are using ForeFront UAG, check if the UAG Endpoint components has been deployed and if so, uninstall it.

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