SharePoint / Fast – Manage keywords for Best bet

As you may already know you know promote some link or document as best bet for a search results (Search keyword and Fast Search Keyword.

BUT, if your search center (SharePoint or Fast) is independent; meaning located in other web application (search, managed keyword will not be used for promoting your Best bet. Indeed, the scope for keywords is limited to the site collection.

When I wanted to implement this feature with my Fast environment, I discovered that the Fast Search feature were not available through the Site Settings (Site Actions\Site Settings\Site collection administration).

As there is no ‘manageable Fast features’ (meaning no link available through the Site Settings\Site collection features), I looked for enabling it using PowerShell (Get-SPFeature | Where {$_.DisplayName -like "*search*"})

As result

DisplayName                    Id                                       Scope
———–                    –                                       —–
OSSSearchEndUserHelpFeature    03b0a3dc-93dd-4c68-943e-7ec56e65ed4d     Site
OSearchHealthReportsPushdown   09fe98f3-3324-4747-97e5-916a28a0c6c0     Farm
SearchAndProcess               1dbf6063-d809-45ea-9203-d3ba4a64f86d     WebA…
SPSearchFeature                2ac1da39-c101-475c-8601-122bc36e3d67     WebA…
OSearchEnhancedFeature         4750c984-7721-4feb-be61-c660c6190d43     WebA…
SearchExtensions               5eac763d-fbf5-4d6f-a76b-eded7dd7b0a5     Site
OSSSearchSearchCenterUrlSit… 7ac8cc56-d28e-41f5-ad04-d95109eb987a     Site
OSSSearchSearchCenterUrlFea… 7acfcb9d-8e8f-4979-af7e-8aed7e95245e     Web
OSearchBasicFeature            bc29e863-ae07-4674-bd83-2c6d0aa5623f     WebA…
SearchAdminWebParts            c65861fa-b025-4634-ab26-22a23e49808f     Web
OSearchCentralAdminLinks       c922c106-7d0a-4377-a668-7f13d52cb80f     Farm
SearchServerWizardFeature      e09cefae-2ada-4a1d-aee6-8a8398215905     Site
OSearchHealthReports           e792e296-5d7f-47c7-9dfa-52eae2104c3b     Site
SearchWebParts                 eaf6a128-0482-4f71-9a2f-b1c650680e77     Site
OSearchPortalAdminLinks        edf48246-e4ee-4638-9eed-ef3d0aee7597     Farm

So, the Fast feature GUID is 5EAC763D-FBF5-4d6f-A76B-EDED7DD7B0A5.

Then to enable the feature on your site (this is also applicable for ‘non search center’ template site, in case of this feature is missing), open a PowerShell command and run

$site = get-SPSite <URL of your site collection>


Et voilà, I was then able to add Fast keyword on my Fast search center.

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