Exchange 2010 – Rollup Update 3v3 installation issues

As you may already know, Microsoft had some trouble with the initial release of the Rollup Update 3 for Exchange 2010 SP1.

So, I tried to install the new release of this RU on my Exchange server, which is also protected by ForeFront Protection for Exchange.

A first known issue is with ForeFront which has to be disabled: run the fscutility /disable command from the ForeFront Protection directory. NOTE you have to stop manually some services.

First installation issue

Then I suffered a first installation issue. When ran the setup, I had an error indicating the package may be corrupted.

After various try and with the assistance of a MS Support engineer, we discovered that the RU 2 was indeed not installed properly: all registry information are correct, RU 2 is present on the installed update… but it was not possible to uninstall it.

So, to solve this issue, I went to the windows\installer directory, locate the MSI related to the RU 2 and execute a Repair. The filename is not useable, so use the properties file  (look for Microsoft Exchange Server Setup v14.1.218.15 on the subject)

After I was able to install successfully the RU 3.

Second issue

Once the RU was installed, ForeFront re enabled (fscutility /enable) and a restart, I suffered additional issues: some mail received were not accessible (OWA generates a callstack, Outlook client doesn’t show them, some recent message on the Online Archive were not accessible…), ActiveSync stopped working.

I discovered that ForeFront was not properly registered (EventID: 7025. The MS Exchange Transport Service is running but the Forefront Agent is not registered.)

I solved the ForeFront agent registration issue which also solved my issues with ‘corrupted’ message and ActiveSync.


I don’t think this RU 3 is really stable and achieved !!

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