TMG / UAG – Slow server starting

I’m using ForeFront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) and ForeFront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) for a while.

These servers are virtualized using Hyper V R2 and running Windows Server 2008 R2.

Almost since the initial installation of both software I experimented slow server starting (about 20 min to start) while other server were running smoothly.

I was thinking it was due to the virtualization or something else related to my installation. Anyway, I was sucked to wait for so long before the server starts completely, so I started analyzing the issue.

After few research on the Internet, I discovered there was other issue similar to mine, so I was starting from my self.

After few analysis, I discovered there was wrong services dependencies registered: indeed, some dependencies were missing for the TMG configuration service.

I found all service dependencies and ran the following command the re register them:

sc config isactrl depend= RasMan/SSTPSVC/FwEng/ISASTG/bfe/mpssvc/HTTP/KeyIso

After a new server reboot, everything was going fine.

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