UAG – Renamed group not synchronized

Today, I discovered that when you rename an AD group used for application authorization in UAG, the new name is not applied to UAG and you are not able to access to the published application anymore.

Step to reproduce

  • Create a user group on your AD; for this example, I named it UAG Demo – first name and add your account as member of this group


  • Publish an application on your trunk (it does not matter the type of the application); follow the wizard until the Authorization step
  • At the Authorization step, uncheck Authorize all uses and add the group you created earlier


  • Validate the configuration and connect to your portal to check you see the published application
  • Go back to the Active Directory Users and Computers console and rename your group; select the group and press the F2 key to rename the group – put the same value for Group name and Group name (pre-Windows 2000)


  • After logging in again on your UAG portal, check again if the published application is still available; which is not the case. You have to edit your published application, remove to ‘old’ group and add the ‘new’ one to get it work again

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