Hotmail – Now supporting push mail, calendar and contact with Active Sync

See full size imageHotmail is making it easier for you to stay up-to-date and be productive on your phone. Starting today, you can get your email, calendar, and contacts pushed automatically to your phone using Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) – as it’s already the case since Exchange 2003 and Windows mobile, iPhone and some other mobile devices.
EAS keeps everything in sync between your phone and Hotmail, so whatever you do on your phone, like delete an email, add an appointment, or update one of your contacts with a new number, will also be reflected on the web, and vice-versa. If you use an email client on your PC that already syncs with Hotmail, like Outlook with the Outlook Connector or Windows Live Mail, what you do on your phone will show up there as well, delivering a seamless experience for managing your stuff between your PC email client, your browser, and your phone. 


Server / URL

Username Enter full email address, for example:

Domain  Leave this blank

SSL Enable this

Certificate Accept the SSL certificate when prompted

Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks All can be enabled (see the Solution Center article for exceptions on some phones)

For more information go here

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