Intune – You can now launch a remote help session directly from the portal and availability for MacOS

If you are using Intune with a Remote Help add-on or an Intune Suite license, you know your helpdesk can use the Remote Help feature to deliver support assistance to end-users.

Until now the remote help session had to be initiated by sharing a security code between the helper and the end-user.

Well, good news, helper can now launch the remote help session directly from the Intune portal without exchanging this security code.

This capability is available for Windows 10 version 19402 or greater and have the KB5018410 ( installed; or Windows 11.

To do so, access the device you need to provide assistance and click on the New remote assistance session available from the device toolbar

image  image


Once the notification has been received, the helper can start the remote help session by clicking on the Launch Remote Help link which will start the client

image  image

If you have implemented segregation of duty (which is a best practice), helper may have an error message and have to request to sign in again with it helper account


If nothing happen, ensure you are running the latest version (5.0.1045.0 at this time) of the remote help client (available here

In addition of this new remote help session initiation, remote help is also available for MacOS devices.

Support for MacOS includes the following OS version:

  • 11 Big Sur
  • 12 Monterey
  • 13 Ventura

Details on how to use remote help on MacOS are available here

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