Teams – You can now block the download of Teams meeting recording from SharePoint or OneDrive (preview)

As you know, Teams meeting recordings are saved either in the corresponding SharePoint site or organizer’s OneDrive.

These recordings are made available few minutes after the meeting recording ended and now also have an expiration time (default 120 days).

Well, you can now block the download of these recordings. Users will have access to the recordings only from the web browser.

If you apply this new policy, it will be applied to all new meetings with a possibility to exclude specific users by using a security group.

To be able to enable and configure this policy you need to be a SharePoint administrator, have the latest SharePoint Online PowerShell module installed (version 16.0.23408.12000 at the time of writing this post –

Once you have these prerequisites you can run the below command to check and enable/configure the policy:

  • Connect to SharePoint Online administration

Connect-SPOService –URL <your SharePoint Online administration portal URL – https://<your tenant>

  • Check if the policy is enabled/configured

Get-SPOTenant | fl BlockDownloadFileTypePolicy


  • Enable the policy

Set-SPOTenant -BlockDownloadFileTypePolicy $true -BlockDownloadFileTypeIds TeamsMeetingRecording


  • To exclude users using security group(s) you can add the –ExcludedBlockDownloadGroupIds parameter with a comma separated list of group

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