SCCM – Use Autopilot when deploying OS

Following the availability of the new SCCM Current Branch build (1810), it is now possible to use the built-in SCCM task sequence to use Autopilot when deploying OS.

To use it, you need to create an SCCM package which will contains the Autopilot settings and use the SCCM tasks sequence (this is not available for MDT integrated task sequence) and choose the Deploy Windows Autopilot for existing devices

To create the SCCM package (contains source files and no program), follow the below steps by using Azure AD Powershell (as usual you have to run the PowerShell prompt as an administrator as you need to install some modules)

Install-Module AzureAD

Install-Module WindowsAutopilotIntune



Get-AutopilotProfile | ConvertTo-AutopilotConfigurationJSON

When connecting the first time you will be asked to approve the ‘application’ to access your AAD/Intune


This then gives you all Autopilot profiles and their associated settings; you just need to copy and paste it using Notepad and save as a JSON file you will add to your SCCM package.


Then you can create the SCCM task sequence to deploy the OS using the ‘Deploy Windows Autopilot” option and the package you have created which contains the Autopilot JSON file.


This new task sequence option automatically creates the tasks you previously had to create manually.


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