Office 365 – A new administration portal is on his way and you can try it

A new Office 365 administration portal is on his way and you can enable the preview to start using it.

When you logon to your Office 365 administration portal ( you will see a a “Try the preview” toggle on the top right


After turning on the preview, the administration portal will switch to the preview mode


As always, this is a preview which means there will probably few glitches and missing capabilities

The new UI seems a little bit clearer and easier; you may found lot of administration options are missing from the left menu (navigation menu) but take a look at the Show more, this will expand and display these ‘missing’ options

image image

You can also choose to edit what has to be always displayed by using the Edit option and then check/uncheck the different option


Don’t be worry (at least yet) with the warning sign which could be displayed at the Azure AD Connect box for the sync – this seems to be clearly a glitch


I find it easier to edit what has to be displayed in the home page

You easily remove a box by opening the context menu and choose Remove


To add one, just click the Add cart and then drag and drop the one you want – the list is quite limited at this stage


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