Exchange – Office 365 – Do not allow to add Office Apps

With Exchange 2013, Microsoft has introduced a new feature called Office Apps.

Office Apps is providing a new way to develop for Exchange 2013 (as well as for SharePoint 2013) in order to provide additional functionality to end-users through Outlook 2013 client or Outlook Web Access (such as a map to locate a location when you receive a request meeting) – to know more about Office Apps see

With Exchange 2013, and also with Exchange Online 2013, there is some apps provided and enabled by default.

You can off course disable these apps (see but this doesn’t disable the possibility for end-user to add and install their own Office Apps.

To lock down Office App, follow the following steps:

On Premises

  • From an Exchange 2013 server, launch the EMS (Exchange Management Shell)
  • Run the following CMDlet Set-OrganizationConfig -AppsForOfficeEnabled $false

Exchange Online 2013

  • Launch Microsoft Online Services Module for Windows PowerShell
  • Connect to your Office 365 tenant running Exchange Online 2013 and run the previous CMDlet

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