Azure – You can now run the SQL best practices assessment for SQL virtual machine from the portal

As you know, Azure SQL is available either as PaaS or IaaS.

Well, you can now enable and run SQL best practices assessment on SQL server running on virtual machine.

To do so, you need:

The SQL best practices assessment feature of the Azure portal identifies possible performance issues and evaluates that your SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) is configured to follow best practices.

If you have all the prerequisites in place you can now enable the best practices assessment by accessing your SQL virtual machine (not the virtual machine itself) (


Then select the SQL virtual machine on which you want to enable the assessments and access the Settings\SQL best practices assessment blade to enable it.


When enabling the assessments you will be ask to select the Log Analytics workspace to use for uploading the results.

When enabling the assessments you can also enable a scheduling to run the assessment regularly.


Once enabled you can manually start the assessment from the same blade using the Run assessment button.

image  image  image

An assessment can take some time to complete depending of the number of databases and objects.

You can also review the results from the same blade under the Assessment list by clicking on the assessment you want to see

image  image

You can also have a trend view to help you identify the progress on conforming with best practices


If you want/need to change the Log Analytics workspace used, you will need to access the Configuration to disable the assessment and then enable it again


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