Azure – Azure Network Watcher now has connectivity check (preview)

Following the availability of Azure Network Watcher in preview (see, a new functionality has been introduced (in preview too) called Connectivity Check

As indicated by his name this feature is aimed to validate connectivity status between a virtual machine and a target which can be another VM, a public or an on-premises endpoint.

To use it, connect to your Azure portal ( and search for/go to Network Watcher


Then access the Connectivity check blade – this requires that Network Watcher has been enabled


Then select the subscription and resource group associated with the virtual machine to define the source, and then define the target

If you do not see any subscription or the resource group you want to use, ensure Network Watched has been enabled for this subscription


As result you will know if the resource you are trying to access from the virtual machine is reachable as well as the network route followed (hops) – it seems there is some glitches as my first test failed (expected) but the status is returned green anyway



NOTE you may need to deploy the Network Watcher Agent to the virtual machine; if you need to do so you will get this error message. Once installed you will be able to try again


Network Watcher VM extension Type: NetworkWatcherAgent Publisher: Microsoft.Azure.NetworkWatcher is not installed, Network Watcher id: <ID of the source virtual machine>. Retry operation after installing the extension.


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