SCVMM 2012 – Allow access to virtual machines through portal

For those who were already using System Center Virtual Machine Manager, you already know that you can provide access to VM’s (and self service VM creation) through a portal.

The only things are to install and configure access to the Self Service portal and assign ownership to VM’s.

With SCVMM 2012, this has a little bit change has setting ownership is not enough to provide VM’s access through the portal (as you can see below).


Indeed, you need to create a cloud and then associate VM’s to this cloud (in addition of others settings such as granting portal access or settings ownership).

Create the cloud

  • Launch the SCVMM console
  • Go to the Clouds section located at the VM and Services section


  • Hit the Create a cloud button and follow the wizard; I’ll not detail the cloud creation steps here as this is pretty simple and clear


Associate VM’s with clouds

  • Once your cloud has been created, you have to associate VM’s with this cloud. To view all VM’s at once, click at the All hosts level (or if you want to select VM according to a specific host, click on the host name)


  • Right click on a VM and go to Properties. Then change the Cloud property to select your cloud

image  image

Grant cloud access and use to users

Create a cloud and associate VM’s with the cloud is not enough. You must also grant cloud access (and use) to users.

  • Right click on your cloud and choose Assign Cloud


  • At this step, you can re use existing user role (if already created it) or create new user role; in this post, I already have created my user role for the self service portal


  • Once you have selected the user role, the user role properties window is shown to allow you to select additional cloud (in case of multiple clouds exist) – called Scope. As only one cloud has been created, you just have to confirm the association


  • Et voilà


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