IIS – Warm up installation and configuration

imageFollowing my previous post, here is a quick step to install and use the IIS warm up module.

Download the IIS Warm Up module from http://www.iis.net/download/ApplicationWarmUp

Launch the setup program and follow the wizard; there is almost nothing else than accepting the license agreement.



Once the setup is finished, you have to enabled the module. To do this, you have to run the following PowerShell cmdlet (the module is not yet available through the server manager).

Import-Module WebAdministration

You can now launch the IIS console manager and enable the warm up module on an IIS site.


On the task pane click on Settings to enable (if required) the warm up module and define if the warm up has to be launched when the IIS service start.




if you use it on SharePoint sites, the settings are shared for extended web application. That’s means when you enable it on the IIS site related to the ‘main’ web application, settings are automatically set for IIS extended SharePoint sites.

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