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Benoit s Corner

Benoit's corner

Oct 10
Office 365 – OneDrive for Business Unified client preview

imageSome time ago, Microsoft has announced that the OneDrive for Business client which is included in Office 2013/2016 will be unified with the OneDrive consumer client which is included with Windows.

After a long wait, announcement has been made that the public preview was here – see

So, I have received the notification to get the new client. I will no go through the installation steps are this is really simple: you need to download and install a new client and set few registry settings (if you got the notification, you have all the details – PS the link to download the updated client is in a Word document)

So, I have installed this preview and so far it starting to reconcile me with the OneDrive for Business client Smile

So, once you have installed the new client, you will have 2 options: adding your OneDrive for consumer account (if not yet already done with the “original” client) and your OneDrive for Business account


When adding a business account, you will be automatically set to synchronize your OneDrive for Business space (no, no option to synchronize SharePoint library now, maybe in a future release) and you will be able to select which folder(s) you want to synchronize as with the OneDrive for consumer


Also, it seems there has been big improvements in the performance as after about 3 hours synching my OneDrive for Business, almost 50% has been already done (with the previous version it took between 1 1/2 day and 2 days to get it synchronize with the same amount of data)

Last but not least, it seems you can also add multiple business account as the button Add a business account is still available after adding mine. I did not tested it yet but definitively will.

Oct 08
Skype for Business / Office 365 - Extended SfB preview features

Microsoft has announced the extension of the PSTN and Cloud PBX features for Skype for Business on Office 365 to more countries.

Starting today, 11 additional countries (plus 3 addtional coming in the next few months) can now take advantage of the PSTN preview - UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Canada, Finland*, Norway* and South Africa, while the Cloud PBX is now available worldwide.

To know more and register to take advantage of these features, go to

Oct 04
Exchange 2016 – Integrate Skype for Business with Exchange 2016

As you already know, Exchange 2016 is now available as RTM since October 1st.

With this new release, many new features and improvements have been included, and as part of these improvements the configuration of the integration of Skype for Business / Lync with Exchange OWA (or Outlook on the Web as they now call it).

If you already tried to configure this integration, the process is not so simple and straightforward. With Exchange 2016, it has been simplified Smile

Now, you just need to run a “simple” PowerShell command to configure this integration for all your Exchange 2016 servers – just once.

  • Configure the integration

New-SettingOverride -Name <descriptive name>  -Component OwaServer -Section IMSettings -Parameters @("IMServerName=<your Lync Server/pool  name>","IMCertificateThumbprint=<Exchange Certificate Thumbprint>") -Reason "Configure IM" -MinVersion "15.01.0225.41"

  • Refresh the configuration

Get-ExchangeDiagnosticInfo -Server $ENV:COMPUTERNAME -Process Microsoft.Exchange.Directory.TopologyService -Component VariantConfiguration -Argument Refresh

  • Restart the OWA pool

Restart-WebAppPool MSExchangeOWAApppool

Et voila

Oct 01
Office 365 / SharePoint / Office - OneDrive for Business client is being updated... finally

It has been a pain in the ass for such long time, this announcement is a great news; now, just need to see if it will really answers all​ the negative side of OneDrive for Business client.

As you may be aware, Microsoft has announced earlier that OneDrive for Business will more closer to what we know with the OneDrive (consumer) client

If you want to get access to this preview, go and if you want to know more about this updated version go to

Sep 24
Windows 10 – Black Screen on startup Part 2

Some days ago, I made a post about getting black screen on startup with Windows 10 and I was saying I may have found this was due to the Graphics Tools feature (see

Today, I made new discovery.

In fact, it seems it has nothing to do with the Windows features but with the Azure AD Domain Joined and Bitlocker.

Indeed, after posting my first post I have been able to work again on Windows 10 BUT I did not joined yet my Azure AD.

Once I did it, logon once with my AD account and then restart, the black screen was back.

After doing lot of re install, I have been able to confirm this. As soon as you join an Azure AD domain and you have a requirement to enable Bitlocker, you will get the black screen once you restart your client after your first login with an AD account.

Since I have noticed this, I have been able to continue working on Windows without any issue until I join the Azure AD domain which then enable Bitlocker.

Sep 21
Windows Phone – Groups app is now available for Windows Phone

As you may already know, Microsoft has started to deploy a new feature called Groups on Exchange Online – and which will be also available with Exchange 2016.

To simplify a little bit, the Groups feature is aimed to replace Site Mailbox and Distribution List by allowing end users to create a SharePoint site to share content and at the same time.

To know more about this Groups feature go to and

But this is not the object of this post. Indeed, while the Groups has been available there has been a lack for this feature in the mobile world. Lack which is now starting to be filled with the Windows Phone Groups app for Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 10

To install this app, go to


Sep 20
Office 365 – Trust and Compliance Center

Regulatory compliance and business risks management are becoming more and more important; particularly when you use cloud services like AWS or Office 365.

To make your risk manager or compliance officer a better life, Microsoft is now delivering a dedicated portal called Office 365 Service Trust Portal.

This portal will give relevant compliance reports for YOUR tenant – which is not the case if you look at the public website (Office 365 Trust Center, Azure Trust Center or Intune Trust Center). Those sites give very good security and compliance information at a high level but may not apply to your specific industry or country.

How can I get those compliance report? The answer is simple Smile :

  • As your company administrator(s) to logon to
  • Then the administrator has to select the country/countries and the industry of your company


  • Once done, they can grant access to your compliance/risk manager(s) to the portal



Then they will have access to appropriate compliance reports which apply to your industry/industries and country/countries


Sep 16
Exchange – Cumulative Update 10 for Exchange 2013 is now available

I usually did not post this information as this pretty simple to get it; however, I'm making exception for this one as this is a really important one.

As you may be aware, Exchange 2016 is coming soon. So, what about the relation with this Exchange 2013 CU10 and Exchange 2016? Well, if you are (already) planning to deploy Exchange 2016 in your environment, you will need to have patched your Exchange 2013 servers with (at least) this cumulative update; if not, you will not be able to install Exchange 2016.

So be prepared for Exchange 2016 and deploy it as soon as possible

Download link

Sep 13
Windows 10 – Black screen after starting

UPDATE - September 24th - see

Since last September 11th, I have been running into a major issue with Windows 10. No matter what, always got black screen after startup.

I tried all recovery methods – including what was found on the internet and which was mostly related to the preview builds. The only solution was a factory reset but after the first 2 updates, the black screen comes back.

After multiple tries to find out, I may have found the root cause: the Graphic Tools (Direct X) feature.

As soon as I uninstalled this feature, I have been able to get all working.

At least this works on my Surface Pro 3 – still have to recover my other PC.

Just to precise, Windows 10 was installed as fresh install, no upgrade from the preview build nor Windows 8 upgrade.

Aug 23
Conference – I’ll be speaking at the Collab365 Global Conference

imageI have the pleasure to be one of the various speakers around the globe which will speak during the Collab365 Global Conference on October 7th with session both live and pre recorded.

24 Hours of Office365, SharePoint, Azure and more!! This is the event for 2015 if you want to gain in depth insights from experts all over the globe. Whether its the technology that you want to learn about, the applications or the implications of using Office365, SharePoint or Azure, this is the place where you will find answers. Our speakers will bring their lessons flavoured with unique local perspectives directly to your device.

To register to this event go to

By the way, my session will be about Right Management Services and how to take advantage of the Azure RMS service to secure and protect your asset both online and on premises (this will be pre recorded)

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He has been involved in early stage of testing phase for many Microsoft products - from Windows to Office 365, including Exchange, SharePoint or Office client and WindowsUpdate.

He has participated as speaker or Ask The Expert (ATE) at many Microsoft or Quest events. He also participed in writing several books on SharePoint (2003 to 2010).

With more than 10 years of professional experience, he has a deep knowledge of the Microsoft market and his competitors.

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