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Benoit s Corner

Benoit's corner

May 26
Skype for Business – Disable the Call Quality pop up

As you know, Skype for Business is now the name of Lync. It is available both On Premises and Online.

As part of the re branding, there has been few improvement and one of these is on the client side.

After a call or meeting with voice, end-user got a pop up to rate the call quality – results are available through the Call Quality dashboard.

That said this may be disturbing and you may want to disable this pop up. Good news, there is a client policy (available on both Online and On Premises) to enable (default) or disable this.

Just use RateMyCallAllowCustomUserFeedback and RateMyCallDisplayPourcentage with the Set-CSClientPolicy cmdlet

Set-CSClientPolicy -Identity <PolicyIdentity> - RateMyCallAllowCustomUserFeedback $false


May 20
Office 365 – New reporting options available for Exchange use

Microsoft has introduced new option in the reporting for Office 365.

The first one is you can now automate mail protection report to be automatically sent to your inbox (

The mail protection report was (still is) a small piece to be downloaded on your client (with Excel installed) to let you monitor the spam and malware rate received or DLP policies.

Now you can automatically schedule report generation and send it your inbox.

The second one is an update for PowerShell and the Get-MailTrafficReport which will help you understand the message traffic in your organization


May 19
Office 365 – You can now better manage the First Release option

As you may already know, Microsoft has introduced a feature called First Release on Office 365 to help customers to discover mew services or features before they have been roll out widely to all customers.

If this was a great improvement to be prepare for potential changes, this had a limitation: this applied to all user within your organization

An update is currently rolling out to provide more granularity for the First Release option, letting you to target either your entire organizatoin or only selected user accounts.


If you select the second option – Select people, you will get an additional section to select which users are selected to get the First Release. You have to enter manually the email address or the name to make account appearing


Once this option has been enabled, you will be able to do a bulk update to enable the First Release to more user at a time using a TXT file containing the email address for each user to be added – one email per line

To remove a user from the First Release list, just hit the Pick people link, and then select the user to be removed and choose Remove people


May 08
Office 365 / Exchange Online – More user friendly NDR message

I don’t know since then this change has been in place – as I usually have no NDR (non delivery report) – but today I got one and I have been well impressed by this new user friendly format.


This will help end-user to better understand what happened with their message.

Off course, administrators can still get the “old” verbose message as all details are provided at the end of this first part


May 06
Azure RMS – Gets updated to track protected files access

It has been announced during the Ignite conference currently at Chicago.

Azure RMS is being updated to include a tracking feature allowing user to track access attempt to an RMS protected file, either successful or not.

This new feature is currently under preview and is available to any Office 365 or EMS customers, after the preview this will be available only to Azure RMS Premium or EMS customers.

To get it, you must install (or upgrade if already installed) the Rights Management sharing application (version 1.0.1770.0) available at

Once installed, the Share Protected button available on Office client or the Protect with RMS contextual menu on Windows Explorer will have the Track Usage option


After protecting a file with RMS (share protected), use this option to get the tracking report which is hosted on a website (


Then the owner of the file can use the Track option to reach the website and see access report to the file

May 06
Office 365 – Mobile application to reach out the Office 365 community

As you may already know, the Office 365 Community is the place where you can seek for help when using Office 365 solution -

While this has been there since the early beginning of Office 365 offers, the only way to reach the community was using a web browser. With the increase of mobility, and especially smartphone, this can be quite a challenge when using mobile web browser to use the community – either ask for help or looking information.

imageNow, Microsoft is delivering a mobile application for Windows Phone (we may expect an iOS and Android version too) called Office 365 Support Central which can be used by all of your users

To install and start using it go to

With this app, you have access to the community, service dashboard and message center.

This is following the updated version of the Office 365 Admin app (to use this one you must have administrator permissions)

May 05
Office 365 – Sway will be available on Office 365

imageYou may already know Sway; if not you can take a look at the announcement published earlier in October 2014 To quickly give an idea of what is Sway, it is a new web application to give you a quickest way to create,edit and share content with others. Currently this is a public – meaning not organization targeted – service like OneDrive or Skype (OneDrive for Business or Skype for Business are organization targeted offering for example).

Today, it has been announced that Sway will be part of Office 365 too. If you have the First Release settings enabled, you will get Sway in the next few weeks.

To know more about this announcement, go to

May 02
Skype for Business – Install Steps

As Skype for Business bits are now available on MSDN, I started a deployment in my lab.

There is no previous Lync deployed in this lab, so this will be a fresh install steps post.

Skype for Business Setup

First, load the setup using the <DVD drive>\setup\amd64\setup.exe file


I choose to check if there is any updates – even if I’m pretty sure that right now there is no update for SfB

As usual, accept the license agreement if you want to install Skype for Business


As I chose to check for update, the setup let me know if there were available updates or not – as expected there is no update right now Smile


So let’s continue while the setup installs SfB core components


The interface to setup Skype for Business has not changed; so if you are familiar with the Lync one, you will not be lost


Prepare Active Directory

So the first steps is to update Active Directory schema with SfB schema updates: just hit Prepare Active Directory


And then run each step – for step 5, if you have more than 1 domain deployed within your AD Forest, you may have to run this step on each other domain too


Prepare AD Schema


Prepare Current Forest


Prepare Current Domain


Standard vs Enterprise Deployment

As for Lync you can deploy both Standard and Enterprise edition using the same media; if you want to deploy Standard edition you just have to run the Prepare first Standard Edition server wizard from the right side of the setup wizard or for Enterprise start by installing the administrative tools using the Install Administrative Tools option


For the purpose of this post, I’m going to deploy Enterprise edition

Administrative Tools Deployment


Ok, so Skype for Business is ready to be configured as Enterprise Edition

Configure Skype for Business Enterprise Edition

Start the Skype for Business Topology Builder


Then I choose to create a new topology


Define the SIP primary domain to use


Add additional SIP domains if you need to add more domains – don’t forget these domains will have to be included in the certificate


Define the first SfB site


And the details of this site


Then you will be able to start to configure the first Skype for Business site


New Front End Pool

After setting up the first site, you have to create a front end; this process is exactly the same for Lync

You can use a SQL Always On Availability Group


May 02
Lync / Skype for Business – Bits are available on MSDN

For those who want to start looking at Skype for Business (server side) and do not get access to the TAP/Beta program, the bits are now available on MSDN


You can find usefull materials at

Apr 22
Yammer - Moving to Microsoft Datacenters

A new major milestone has been reached for Yammer

Yammer services will be moved to Microsoft Datacenters on May 16, 2015 - during the move process window there will be service disruption

Additionnaly if you restrict access to Office 365 services (and so including Yammer), the following IP range will be used by Yammer services after this move:

Check this post for all IP addresses used

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He has been awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2002 - on Windows, then SharePoint and finally Office 365. Ha has been recoginzed as Microsoft Community Contributor for his work on the Office 365 community in 2013 and 2014.

He has been involved in early stage of testing phase for many Microsoft products - from Windows to Office 365, including Exchange, SharePoint or Office client and WindowsUpdate.

He has participated as speaker or Ask The Expert (ATE) at many Microsoft or Quest events. He also participed in writing several books on SharePoint (2003 to 2010).

With more than 10 years of professional experience, he has a deep knowledge of the Microsoft market and his competitor.

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