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Benoit s Corner

Benoit's corner

Aug 23
Conference – I’ll be speaking at the Collab365 Global Conference

imageI have the pleasure to be one of the various speakers around the globe which will speak during the Collab365 Global Conference on October 7th with session both live and pre recorded.

24 Hours of Office365, SharePoint, Azure and more!! This is the event for 2015 if you want to gain in depth insights from experts all over the globe. Whether its the technology that you want to learn about, the applications or the implications of using Office365, SharePoint or Azure, this is the place where you will find answers. Our speakers will bring their lessons flavoured with unique local perspectives directly to your device.

To register to this event go to

By the way, my session will be about Right Management Services and how to take advantage of the Azure RMS service to secure and protect your asset both online and on premises (this will be pre recorded)

Aug 23
Windows 10 – Remote Desktop Client Logon attempt failed

Since the upgrade to Windows 10 RTM (and even with the new 10525 build for Fast update users), the remote desktop client keeps using MicrosoftAccount as domain when you use UPN format to logon (user@domain) – as you can see in the screenshot below


So off course, you always get The logon attempt failed error, which in fact does not really help as you have been sure of the credentials you entered.

To get more insight, you need to logon to the server/client you attempts to connect and look for security audit failure; you will see the reason and the domain used (MicrosoftAccount).


The solution is to use the “old format” domain\user for each first logon; then you will be able to use the UPN format again.

Aug 09
Windows 10 / Office 365 / SharePoint– SharePoint does not like Edge

As you know, Microsoft has released about a week ago his new client operating system, Windows 10, which includes a new web browser called Edge.

You have to be aware that Edge and SharePoint do not like each others.

Many of the features available on SharePoint (both On Premises and Online) are not available with Edge; as part of these features not available (not exhaustive list):

  • Drag and drop to upload multiple files
  • Open with Explorer
  • Connect to Office


For some of these incompatibility you can use Internet Explorer 11 – using the Open with Internet Explorer option BUT the drag and drop is still not available with the following error “Folders and invalid files can't be dragged to upload.” while I was trying to upload multiple files with compatible name files


Aug 06
Office 365 – Phantom mobile device

I have been playing with the Mobile Device Management feature for Office 365 for some time already – since it has been in technical preview.

I registered many devices running on different OS (Windows, Windows Phone, Windows 10 Tech Preview, Android..) but recently I discovered a rogue/phantom device in the Office 365 Mobile Device Management section.
This device was unregistered some time ago already, has been restores and re installed to Windows 10 but was still present.

From the Azure Management Portal, I have not been able to delete (as this is usually the case) from the Azure Active Directory\User account\Device section. The delete button was greyed as well as all other buttons except the Block device.

After opening a service request, I have been provided a web site to get all the registered devices with an option to delete them and from this site I have been able to delete the phantom device Smile

So, if you also have a similar issue with an “old” registered device but not able to delete it from the Azure Active Directory portal, go to this site, sign in with the credentials used to registered the device.

If the device is shown in the list, just hit the Delete action


Aug 05
Intune – Azure Authenticator App will be mandatory for Android devices

If you are using Microsoft Intune as client and/or device management solution, you have to be aware that Microsoft will make the Azure Authenticator app a requirements for Android devices in September 2015.

You can opt out this requirements using the Intune management portal through the Mobile Device Management\Android

If you opt out you need to know that later this year (when the Company Portal app will be updated), single sign on for Intune and Office Apps will no longer be supported and conditional access users will be quarantined on Android devices.

To know more about the Azure Authenticator app, go to

Aug 03
Office 365 – You can now defined your own help desk details

If you are running your own help desk (as many large organization do), you can now provide your own help desk details to your Office 365 users.

To do so, just logon to the Office 365 Admin portal and hit your tenant/company name (top right of the admin portal, just below you name)


Then hit the Custom Help Desk link and fill as appropriate for you


The next time your users will logon onto Office 365, if they click the Question Mark on the left side of their picture, they will get your help desk details


Aug 03
Windows Phone 10 – No data connection

If you are running the Technical Preview of Windows Phone 10, you may face the following issue (even with the last build):

you have a 4G connection BUT no data connection is possible, except with WiFi.

After having reported this issue for the last 3 builds (yes, already 3 builds and always having the issue), here is a solution.

  • Go to your phone Settings
  • Access the Extras section (this may differs depending of the build you are running)
  • Open the Access Point
  • Create a new APN; just fill the first 2 fields Connection Name and Access Point Name with anything you want
  • Make this new APN active
  • Once this has been set as active, switch back to your operator APN

Et voilà, data connection is now back.

Jul 29
Windows 10 – Now available for download in MSDN

For those who did not have request the automatic update or for enterprise consumers, Windows 10 is now available in MSDN


For those who have requested to get the automatic update – through the white Windows icon in the systray, start to check for updates on Windows Update


Jul 19
Office 365 / SharePoint Online – Restrict file synchronization from domain joined only

As you may know, you can synchronize your content store in SharePoint or SharePoint Online to your local client to keep it available while offline (thanks to the OneDrive for Business client).

With SharePoint Online, you can now restrict this feature to only domain joined client; this will help you to ensure sensitive data is not stored on non managed client.

To do so:

Get the Active Directory Domain GUID

  • First you need to gather the domain GUID for which you want to allow the synchronization feature
    • This GUID is the one for your Active Directory domain(s)
    • If you know you have multiple AD domain, you must first run the following PowerShell command to get all domains (Get-ADForest).Domains
    • Then you have to run the following command to get the GUID for each domain $domains = (Get-ADForest).Domains; foreach($d in $domains) {Get-ADDomain -Identity $d | Select ObjectGuid}


Restrict synchronization for selected domain

  • Once you have the AD GUID, you can then restrict synchronization from SharePoint Online to only this/these domain(s) – off course if you have multiple domains you can also define some of them only
  • To set the restriction you must have SharePoint Online Management Shell – available from – and execute the following command Set-SPOTenantSyncClientRestriction
    • Connect to your SharePoint Online tenant with

      $cred = Get-Credential (save your SharePoint Online Admin credential in the $cred variable)

      Connect-SPOService -Url https://<your Office 365 tenant name> -credential $cred (connect to your SharePoint Online tenant with your saved credentials)

    • Set-SPOTenantSyncClient -Enable -DomainGuids "<replace with your AD GUID – multiple GUID must be separate by a comma>"


Check the existing restriction

If you are not sure if there is any client synch restriction, or need to check which domain(s) is allowed (you will only get the GUID), you need to run the following command



Remove the restriction

To remove the overall restriction, run the following command and the TenantRestrictionEnabled must then be set to FALSE



Good to Know

Additional things to know:

  • It may take up to 24 hours to be applied
  • All synchronization request from a client which is not member of the domain list (GUID) will be blocked
  • All synchronization request from Mac will be blocked – this is obvious as a Mac is not domain joined but it is always good to recall this point
  • Mobile device synchronization is not blocked – if you want to restrict mobile device to sync, you need to use Office 365 MDM or Intune
  • If you already have a synchronization in place from a device which is not domain joined, this will be maintained BUT no more synchronization will occur – however if you add a new files from this client, the files will be uploaded. This means the existing synchronization will ONLY upload new/updated files
  • You need to ensure everyone is using at least the version 15.0.4693.1000 of OneDrive for Business – any version prior to this one will be stop working
Jul 07
Skype for Business – The Windows Phone Skype for Business app is now available

Microsoft has released the new Skype for Business app for Windows Phone.

If you have already installed Lync 2013 Mobile client app for Windows Phone, this has been automatically (or should be) updated.

If not, try to force to update your installed app or download it from the Store

As part of the improvements:

  • off course the same UI than Skype for Business desktop
  • More emoticons available
  • At rest data encryption, meaning IM conversation and voicemail are encrypted by default
  • Conversations are synchronized across all the devices you use



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Benoit is specialized on Microsoft infrastructure (Active Directory, Azure, ForeFront products, Hyper-V, Identity Management, System Center, Windows) and collaboration (BPOS, Exchange, Office 365, SharePoint) technologies.

He has been awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2002 - on Windows, then SharePoint and finally Office 365. He has been recoginzed as Microsoft Community Contributor for his work on the Office 365 community in 2013 and 2014.

He has been involved in early stage of testing phase for many Microsoft products - from Windows to Office 365, including Exchange, SharePoint or Office client and WindowsUpdate.

He has participated as speaker or Ask The Expert (ATE) at many Microsoft or Quest events. He also participed in writing several books on SharePoint (2003 to 2010).

With more than 10 years of professional experience, he has a deep knowledge of the Microsoft market and his competitors.

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