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Benoit s Corner

Benoit's corner

Feb 06
Office 365 – You can now resize the tiles on the App Launcher

I know, this is not a major improvement but I like it as getting an App Launcher so big is quite annoying

So, now you can resize (from small to large – medium is the default and the current size) your tiles


Jan 26
Office 365 / Sway – Sway now have a recycle bin

Since the introduction of Sway and the integration with Office 365, Sway is frequently evolving.

This time, one of the most important thing when you work with content has been delivered: a recycle bin.

Starting now, you are now able to recover deleted Sway during the 30 days retention period since the deletion – as you were able to recover deleted files from Windows or SharePoint.

You can recover deleted Sway from both web, Sway for Windows 10 or Sway for iPhone.

Off course, to be able to get the Recycle Bin link, you must have deleted a Sway before.


Jan 16
Office 365 / Yammer – You can now manage the Yammer license

Since the integration of Yammer with Office 365, the Yammer license was always automatically enabled and there was no way to disable this license.

While the integration of Yammer with Office 365 is going forward (see regarding the change for identity management), the ability to manage the license for Yammer is now available


Jan 13
Office 365 / Sway – Administrators can now manage third party add-on to be used with Sway

Office 365 administrators are now able to manage which add-on are allowed for use with Sway

To enable/disable these add-on, connect to the Office 365 administration portal ( and go to the Service Settings\Sway section


Jan 13
Office 365 / SharePoint Online – Shared with everyone folder will no longer be created automatically

Since August 1st, all NEW OneDrive for Business site (so called MySite) will be provisioned without the Shared with everyone folder.

It seems it took longer than expected as my tenant was not updated to support this new configuration. Now it is done, here is how you can request to continue to get the Shared with Everyone folder.


If you want to continue to get the Shared with everyone folder, you can either instruct your end-user to create a new folder with the same (or similar) name and then share it with everyone; or you can run the following PowerShell command to continue the automatic provisioning of such shared folder.

Set-SPOTenant –SharingCapability Disabled –ProvisionSharedWithEveryoneFolder $true

Before running this command you must check if your tenant accepts the ProvisionSharedWithEveryoneFolder parameter thanks to the Get-SPOTenant


Jan 13
Office 365 / SharePoint Online – Updated FROM email address for mail sent by SharePoint Online

Starting now (and scheduled to be completed by the end of January), Microsoft is updating the FROM address for email sent by SharePoint Online.

The new email address will be This change is to address issues with such emails which could frequently being marked as spam and so either received in the Junk folder or even being dismissed depending of the anti-spam configuration.

This means also that the email address you have defined in SharePoint Online to send notification will no longer be used and it will be removed.


Dec 25
Various – New HTTP error code for censored web site

This week, the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) has defined and authorized a new HTTP status: HTTP 451.

This new error will be shown on websites blocked following legal reasons; this will be more explicit for these websites as until then blocked websites were showing the HTTP 403 – Access Denied error message.

When a website will shown the new HTTP 451 there should be (the IESG is encouraging authorities for that) an explanation on why the website has been censored.

For the story behind this new code, Tim Bray has proposed the 451 in reference of the famous Ray Bradbury’s book Fahrenheit 451.

Dec 15
Office 365 / Exchange Online – You can now previsualize messages put in quarantine

As you know, with Office 365 and Exchange Online, emails potentially identified as spam but not 100% identified as is are put in a quarantine.

End-users can release these mails and set it as false positive as well as the Exchange Online administrators.

A recent update on Exchange Online has introduced a new (and very helpful) feature for Exchange Online administrators (this is not (yet?) available for end-users): administrators can now previsualize the content of the quarantine mail before deciding to release or not on behalf of the end-user.

When you access the Exchange Control Panel and go to the Protection section and then the Quarantine tab, click on the Preview email message link


Dec 12
Skype for Business – Planning tool now available

Microsoft has released the planning tool for Skype for Business.

The Skype for Business 2015 Planning Tool provides prescriptive guidance to get you started with planning your topology.

You can download it from

Dec 05
Windows Mobile – A new build of the Windows Mobile 10 is now available

A new build (10.0.10586.29) of Windows Mobile 10 has been released and is now available through Windows Update

As part of the improvements:

  • You will see additional improvements in upgrade experience, including devices with limited free space, map rendering on update, and RCS enabled device settings.
  • Improved application backwards compatibility for Windows Phone 8.1 Silverlight applications.
  • Edge performance and stability has been improved. Auto-completion has been updated to allow user to more easily edit the end of the URL in the address bar
  • Additional Bluetooth stability improvements
  • We have resolve issues on switching the active cellular connectivity profile on Dual SIM devices
  • Data profiles are now correctly restored in the out of box experience that would prevent some devices from sending or receiving MMS messages

I’m quite happy to see that some of the feedbacks are really being heard (dual SIM and MMS issues as example)

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Benoit is specialized on Microsoft infrastructure (Active Directory, Azure, ForeFront products, Hyper-V, Identity Management, System Center, Windows) and collaboration (BPOS, Exchange, Office 365, SharePoint) technologies.

He has been awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2002 - on Windows, then SharePoint and finally Office 365. He has been recoginzed as Microsoft Community Contributor for his work on the Office 365 community in 2013 and 2014.

He has been involved in early stage of testing phase for many Microsoft products - from Windows to Office 365, including Exchange, SharePoint or Office client and WindowsUpdate.

He has participated as speaker or Ask The Expert (ATE) at many Microsoft or Quest events. He also participed in writing several books on SharePoint (2003 to 2010).

With more than 10 years of professional experience, he has a deep knowledge of the Microsoft market and his competitors.

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